How to build that awesome shoe rack! :) Lazy shoe rack

This kind of stockpiling thought keeps your shoes perfect, sorted away, and all in one spot. You can forget bother in the mornings while picking your footwear for the day!


- 9 pcs 700mm dia x 12mm Plywood Discs
- 24 pcs 250x150mm 12mm Plywood Standard Dividers
- 5 pcs 250x500mm 12mm Plywood Tall Dividers (optional)
- 2 pcs 460x50mm 12mm Plywood – Base length A
- 3 pcs 436x50mm 12mm Plywood – Base length B
- Plywood Offcuts
- 40 x 1.6mm Nails
- PVA Glue
- Lazy Susan Mechanisms
- Protractor
- 2-part Epoxy Glue
- Paint


- Long Nap Mini Roller
- Foam Mini Roller
- Router
- Saw

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